Jarrow Formulas Rhodiola extract is made from a gold-colored root found in the mountainous regions of Eastern Siberia. Rhodiola is an adaptogen that has been used for centuries and validated for its beneficial effects on energy production and reduction of fatigue.

Jarrow Formulas PYCNOLIVE is a synegistic combination of Pycnogenol French pine bark extract and OleaSelect olive fruit extract. Pycnogenol is a potent antioxidant that recycles Vitamin C + E and endogenous antioxidant systems (such as SOD, catylase and glutathione). Pycnogenol supports healthy circulation by improving capillary integrity and by stimulating the release of vascular endothelial nitric oxide (eNO). OleaSelect is an extract of olive fruit, rich in the cardioprotective antioxidants tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and verbascosides.

Resveratrol (3,4,5-trihydroxystilbene), extracted from Huzhang (“tiger cane”) root, protects cardiovascular function by promoting circulation.

Silymarin is a flavonoid antioxidant isolated from milk thistle (fruit of Silybum marrium) that works to counteract the detriment that occurs to the liver during the metabolism of toxins and free radicals. Silymarin has also been shown in clinical trials to be an effective in supporting prostate health. Animal studies indicate silymarin may benefit cholesterol metabolism.


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