Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.® is a visionary company, and they know their success is based on the quality of their products and the service they offer their customers. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is capable of handling any questions related to their products, and look forward to sharing their knowledge with you. Hi Tech Pharmacueticals was one of the first companies to carry creatine monohydrate in early 1994 and has continued to supply only the finest creatine on the market.

Unlike many other companies they only provide 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients in their products. Most supplement companies include only a portion of what the label claims in their products. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals guarantee meets all label claims and to be made with only the finest raw materials available. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals' line consists of only products that have been proven effective including their popular diet products Lipodrene and Stimerex. They will continue to provide products that will help you achieve the physique you desire, and reach goals you never thought obtainable.

Nutrition Dome purchases all Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical products directly from Hi-Tech assuring you of product quality and freshness.


Please note that manufacturers may make changes to product formulations from time to time.

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