Hi-Tech Stimerex Eph. Free 100 caps

Hi-Tech Stimerex Eph. Free 100 caps

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Stimerex EPHEDRA FREE Fat Loss Formula. Rapid Energy Boost Stimulator. Thermo-Rx and Additional Fat Loss Herbal Compounds.

This product does NOT CONTAIN Ephedra.

Stimerex™ is a proprietary dietary supplement developed specifically for the convenience store market. This unparalleled formula was developed by a Bariatric / Weight Loss physician with extensive experience in the research and development of effective and safe stimulants. Having prescribed phentermine and various amphetamines on a daily basis, Dr. Mark Wright teamed with the staff at HI-TECH PHARMACEUTICALS to develop a unique formula and quality unmatched in the industry!

Stimerex™ proprietary formula is available over-the-counter, without a prescription! It is made from the highest quality pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals available. Stimerex™ is guaranteed to meet or exceed label claims for purity.

Forget about the crash diets,fad diets and other weight loss programs that promise incredible results, yet only disrupt your essential nutritional needs. Stimerex™ offers the totally natural and effective way of burning away sotred calories and body fat. Thermogensis is the ablility to produce heat when the body burns calories. Thermogenesis is many ore times effective than exercise. The harder your body works to keep warm, the more calories you burn in your bodys "natural furnance". Exercise may make you sweat, but body fat is not dissolved sweat. To lose weight, not just temporary body fluid, you need Stimerex to transform fat into heat.

Stimerex contains the natural ingredient acadia rigidula, a powerful thermogenic agent that increases the body's themogenic output, and Thermo-Rx, a proprietary blend of four plant extracts, standardized and processed to create a unique alkaloid composition, which achieves a thermogenic response that even rivals ephedrine. A great alternative for those who don't want to use ephedra-containing fat burners.

Try Stimerex today, along with an exercise program and you will actually see the fat melt away! Hi Tech Pharmaceutical has done the research to bring you the ultimate "fat burner". Now it's your turn to let Stimerex work for you, so you can finally lose the weight that you never have been able to lose and better yet, keep it off permanently!

Stimerex, known for its distinctive appearance that consists of our unique, black capsule embossed with "STIMEREX," represents the most impressive and comprehensive EPHEDRA-free, Fat Loss and energy boost formulation ever even put on a drawing board. Like Lipodrene-SR, Stimerex contains Thermo-Rx, featuring Acacia Rigidula. Many consider the energy boost feeling from Stimerex to surpass even that of EPHEDRA.*


Citrus Aurantium Fruit * Acacia Extract * Theobroma Cocoa Extract * Phenylethylamine-HCL * Green Tea Extract * Naringen Fruit * 3-Dimethyl Aminoethanol Bitartrate * Yohimbe Extract * Caffeine

Hi-Tech Stimerex Eph. Free 100 caps
Reg. $34.95On Sale $22.27 You save: $12.68


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